“Be aware. Early detection will save your life!”

Hey Everyone,
A good friend of mine has launched a Gofundme page for a cause that we should all take a moment to look at!
Did you know that 70% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer in Ghana are in the advanced stages of the disease?
There are two new devices called, BreastLight and Breast-I that provide early breast screening for women, therefore saving many lives through early detection.
The Gofundme page is raising money to help acquire the BreastLight and Breast-I devices, as well as spread awareness in Ghana of the importance of early screening and detection.
Their goal is $12,000. Let’s all take a moment to donate to this great cause. Just think, if everyone donated simply $1.00 how many lives would be saved?!
“Be aware. Early detection will save your life”.


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