Michelle Lily, a native of New York City, was born knowing exactly what she wanted! She performed at her first show at the age of 4; recorded her first demo at the age of 13; and signed her first production deal when she was just 15 years old.

She began singing at various venues; participated in TV shows; and began writing her first songs. The Daily News covered a story on Michelle at the young age of 16, highlighting her success and desire to win a Grammy. She studied with vocal coach, Andrea Martin of Sony Records, known internationally for her work with Tony Braxton, Mariah Carey and Leona Lewis. Michelle, recorded songs for various compilations with other well known artists from the New York hip-hop scene, while simultaneously crossing over into the world of fashion.

Michelle became the co face of Nokia’s campaign for The Middle East and Europe and was featured in Oprah’s O Magazine. She shared a virtual Billboard in Times square for, “I Can’t Believe it’s not Butter;” has been on the cover of the New York Press; and has been featured on the WB11 morning news, to name a few.

In 2009, Michelle left home and went to Italy for a brief modelling gig. In Milan, she met Mondo Marcio, Virgin/EMI’s then hip hop sensation. As her modelling contract ended and she boarded the plane to New York, Marcio pulled her off the plane and brought her straight into the office of Virgin Records. Highly impressed with her talent, Mondo signs her immediately and starts working on her first solo debut “The Real Me.”

The album made Michelle an overnight Italian sensation. She collaborated with some of the biggest names in European music such as: Two Fingerz, Nesli, Terron Fabio, Max Brigante, Dargen D’amico & Francesco Facchinetti. Michelle’s first single, “Summer Love,” off her album, reached #1 on the pop-charts of iTunes (Italy). As result of her overnight fame, Hip Hop TV invited Michelle to host the infamous TV show “Open Mic,” where she hosted for 3 years.

From 2011 to 2014, Michelle collaborated with the biggest names in Euro dance music – Adam Clay, Simone Farina, KROS, Dr. Feelx and Spankerz. “Feel Alright,” her dance debut went worldwide and was featured in over 40 dance compilations from Ibiza to Dubai, and Formentera. “Feel Alright” was on the official Abercrombie & Fitch playlist for April 2012 and reached #1 on the charts in Russia. “Crazy Love” was featured on the official playlist of Footlocker for November 2012 and the music video played in all Footlocker stores throughout Europe. Her next single, “Fly Away” was exclusively released in Japan, on the Spankerz album entitled “Party Time” (Hosted by Fatman Scoop) and went to #4 on iTunes (Japan).

In 2016, Michelle returned home to New York City to work on her American debut “Shine”. In 2017, Michelle Lily launched her own record label Lily Entertainment. On February 28th, 2018 Lily Entertainment released “Magic” and shortly after, 3 more singles, “One World”, “Candyland” & “Shine”. Michelle’s highly anticipated album, SHINE was then released in June of 2019.

In October of 2019, Michelle Lily signed on to be an official coach of XFactor’s season 13 in Italy. Over those next couple of months, she worked with all of the contestants on the show. While in Europe she went on tour all while beginning to work on her forthcoming album.

Currently, Michelle Lily is set to release her new album entitled “POP” on May 7th, 2021. She has since released 2 singles “Popstar” and “Cookies & Cream” off of the album, together with the official video to “Popstar”. On April 2nd, 2021 Michelle releases a new single titled “Sunday Morning” in collaboration with Silos Music, produced by Italian DJ and Producer DJ Mollela. Stay tuned for more!