In 2017, Michelle Lily launched her own record label, Lily Entertainment. On February 28th 2018, Lily Entertainment released “Magic” , the first single off the highly anticipated album “SHINE”. Shortly after, 3 more singles, “One World”, “Candyland” and single “Shine” were released. Michelle’s highly acclaimed album and official American debut “Shine” – The Album – […]

New Single “CANDYLAND” Out Worldwide 9/9/2018!!

Catch Michelle Lily’s new hit single “CANDYLAND” out worldwide on 9/9/2018!!! Available on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Google Play, Shazam, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Apple Music and more!!!   CANDYLAND Credits: Vocals & Lyrics – Michelle Lily Music Production – Music2fun Music Programming / Recording / Keys / Drums – Gabriele Gigli & Biagio Sturiale Guitar / […]

New Single “ONE WORLD” Out Worldwide on 6/5/2018!!

Out NOW – “One World” Michelle Lily’s new single! “One World” was written just shortly after Michelle Lily’s move from Milan, Italy back to her hometown roots of New York City. She struggled to find her way as both worlds were so different. On the same planet, yet spread between a vast ocean, she wished […]

New Single “MAGIC” Out Worldwide 2/28/18!!

Michelle Lily’s New Single “MAGIC” off her highly anticipated album “Shine” is out on February 28th 2018! Check out the hot new single on all major digital stores … from iTunes to Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Amazon Music and more!

Michelle Lily sings the National Anthem for Military Appreciation Night at YORK College

Don’t miss Michelle Lily singing the National Anthem tomorrow night for York College’s Military Appreciation Night! Follow the link below for more info.

Michelle Lily live at Alfa Gallery in New Brunswick, NJ

Lo Zoo di 105 shout’s out Michelle Lily’s Best Time of the Year!

Pippo Palmieri from Lo Zoo di 105 (Italy’s top Radio Station) shout’s out Michelle Lily’s “Best Time of The Year” on their annual Christmas greetings video, calling it the “Song to Download” for Christmas! Thanks Pippo Palmieri, DJ Spyne and everyone from Lo Zoo! Auguri di Buon Natale! Check it out on their Facebook page […]

Best time of the year gets over 1 Million views with Matt & Bise!

Famous Italian youtubers Matt & Bise, use Michelle Lily’s Best Time of the Year in their New York VLOG of their daily adventures (featuring even Michelle herself). On Facebook their video has reached almost 700,000 views and on youtube almost 600,000 views with a total of almost 1,300,000 views!!!! Yes… it trully is the best […]

New Single “Best Time of The Year” Out Worldwide 12/23/2016!

Three days ago, Michelle surprised the world with an announcement of her new Christmas Single “Best Time of The Year”. It was a project created last minute together with Radio 105’s DJ and Voice … DJ Spyne from “Lo Zoo” di 105 of Italy. They created this track as a “present” for fans but also […]

Michelle Lily announces private show on New Years Yacht!

Michelle Lily announces her PRIVATE show on a yacht for “Il Mio Viaggio a New York” in NYC for New Years 2017! Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime! Michelle combine’s her New York roots mixed with her Italian ways to create a special live performance. Enjoy the show, eat, drink, and sail along-side the […]

Michelle Lily Live Concert @DROM nyc

Don’t miss MICHELLE LILY’S live concert on OCTOBER 6th at 7PM @DROM nyc in the East Village. Experience an hour of original music from her past releases to a few covers and some EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIER’s  off her new up and coming album “Born to Sing, Made to Rap”!! STAY TUNED! Tickets are on sale […]

Michelle Lily performs at NY Fashion week

Don’t miss Michelle Lily’s exclusive live performance for New York Fashion Week on September 9th at the Hotel Pennsylvania (Just across the street from Madison Square Garden). She will be rockin the runway along-side many different brands and models. Michelle will be debuting her new single “Take Me Home” live for the first time, in […]

Watch Michelle Lily’s NEW official showreel HERE!

Michelle Lily has released albums and singles around the world from Italy, to France, Spain, Japan, Dubai and America. She has been featured in an exclusive 6 page editorial in PLAYBOY Italia and in various other fashion and gossip mags around the world from Oprah’s O Magazine to the cover of the New York Press, […]

Michelle Lily writes “LAND” for Sony artist "Lorenzo Fragola"

In March of 2016, Sony Italia artist Lorenzo Fragola releases his second studio album “Zero Gravity”. On the album, track #13 entitled  “LAND” is written by Michelle Lily. It is their 2nd collaboration since his XFactor debut.

Michelle’s Christmas Gift to YOU!

Here it is… Michelle Lily ‘s version of Mariah Carey’s “Miss You Most at Christmas Time” !! (Hey guys… Hope you love it! Make sure you share this with the ones you love most and of course with whom you miss most at xmas time! xx Mich. <3)

"Want it" Francesco Galli feat. Michelle Lily – Available on iTunes and all digital stores!

  Want It – Francesco Galli feat. Michelle Lily – is getting a lot of attention this summer! It’s bound to be a summer hit! This fusion of deep house, soul and rap is exactly what the clubs, radios, and tv’s want to hear, and they’re giving it to them! Francesco Galli presenta “Want It”, […]

Michelle Lily performs “Want It” during Milano Fashion Week

Michelle Lily presents "The Bridge Show" in Corriere della Sera

Michelle Lily for Pitbull Energy Drink

  Michelle Lily recently got signed as the NEW face and voice of Pitbull Energy Drink Italy. Catch the add campaigns in various newspapers and magazines, as well as the Radio commercial on Italy’s most famous stations; Radio 105, Radio Montecarlo & Virgin Radio. Don’t miss the TV commercial featuring Michelle Lily herself, coming soon! […]

Michelle in Italy’s "ORA" mag – "Hip Hopper sexy con venature soul"

Michelle Lily in "DiTutto" – Named "Soul Sister"

Michelle Lily’s interview on Radio 105 with Kris&Kris


Michelle Lily Official Tour Schedule 2015

Here it is! A full list of Michelle Lily’s 2015 official tour schedule .. Check it out! MICHELLE LILY TOUR 2015 22-1 – Haterz Vs. Motivhaterz Event / “Haterz” single release party & live show – Viesse Auto Showroom, Milano 31-1 – Kris&Love – Michelle Lily presents “Haterz” – Radio 105 Interview, Milano 27-2 – […]

Michelle Lily appears on XFACTOR 8’s semifinale in the studio with Ilaria & Vittoria Cabello

Having worked along-side Ilaria for the lyrics of her track “My Name” and with Lorenzo Fragola (the XFactor 8 winner) for the lyrics of his double platinum single “The Reason Why”, Michelle Lily appears on the episode of Xfactor 8 ‘s semifinale, hard at work behind the scenes in the studio along-side Ilaria and Vittoria […]

"Corriere della Sera" – Michelle Lily Live!

Come watch Michelle Lily live at Bobino in Milan, together with her dancers from MTV.

Michelle Lily at the top of Italy’s rap scene – "Corriere della Sera" – "Tre Ragazze all’assalto del rap"

Michelle showcases her adorable furry babies in "Quattro Zampe" mag for dogs – "Ecco le mie tre adorabili pesti"

Michelle Lily showcases her adorable furry babies in “Quattro Zampe” magazine for dogs, in an exclusive 7 page editorial! Michelle Lily insieme ai suoi 3 Jack Russell su Quattro Zampe Magazine con un editoriale di 7 pagine!

Michelle’s exclusive "White & Glitter Party" in EVA mag!

  Check out the article in EVA mag of Michelle Lily’s exclusive White & Glitter Party! Below…here’s another treat for you… your all in pass to check out the night for yourselves!

Michelle in Novella 2000 – Italy’s Gossip Magazine

"FLY AWAY" Spankers feat. Michelle Lily (on the album "Party Time") out NOW on all Japanese digital stores and in TOKYO’s Virgin Megastore!

Michelle Lily on Italy’s “Chiambretti Supermarket”

Guarda l’episodio qui!Check out the episode here… (Min 00:46)

Michelle Lily in Playboy Italia

Michelle Lily features in Playboy Italia’s June 2014 issue with a 6 page editorial spread. Check out the cover page!

Michelle Lily for Honda LCR in Inspire Mag

  Michelle Inspire’s this month in a 12 page spread for Honda LCR. She is proud to be an American, and it shows! Check it out!

Michelle Lily in Racing & Drivers magazine

After having judged a contest, Michelle Lily performed for all of the viewers in the crowd. Take a look..  

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