Michelle Lily “POP” – The Album – Out Now!

MICHELLE LILY “POP” – The Album – Out Now Worldwide!

“POP will be shockingly full of surprises.” “It’s going to showcase a new side of me,” says Michelle Lily. “I will stay true to my style which is influenced by many different genres and combines both my singing and rapping abilities, but I’ll bring everything up a notch!” 

“POP will be everything that pops out at you and anything but bubblegum pop music.” “I’m bringing this album ‘home’ in the sense that I’m pulling out the little girl from Queens, New York and letting the listener in to share my inner thoughts, my struggles and most importantly, my dreams from childhood up until this very day.” “This album for me is very special.” “It’s less about being a commercial product and more of a celebration of life.” “It’s a positive album with a vulnerable aspect.” “It’s fun, upbeat, deep and sassy all at the same time.” “Can’t wait to share it with the world.”

~ Michelle Lily

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